Why parents should take a creativity class

I am a firm believer of unique kids names. My parents thought they were being very creative and unique when they named me. I will give them the excuse that it was the 80’s and people made strange decisions in the 80’s but come on… 638,839 parents had the exact same idea.  There are 3,268 in the US with the name Amanda Brown. I would love to have a normal email address or username. Instead it has to be something foreign like Amandabrown638,839@something.com. I wish I knew which number I was in the 638,839 so I could at least be Amanda the 600,001 or something. So when people ask me what the number at the end of my email is I could say something cool. Instead I tried to be creative by making my email Mandambrown@gmail. When I made it I thought it was cute and at least it didn’t include any symbols or numbers. I didn’t realize it looks like it says man dam brown. I blame my parents. I named my pug Eisley for a reason. If Eisley ever had the need to create a username or a blog she could use her name, because I was original. I will leave you with this, parents, please name your kids something original. 🙂 (My parents are pretty cool though)


One thought on “Why parents should take a creativity class

  1. Haha! Maybe it forced you to BECOME creative. Think about it, a unique name could have left you boring and not feeling like you needed to rise above the other 3,267 Amanda Browns. I think that your parents were brilliant in choosing such a common name for you. If you need proof, listen to the song, A Boy Named Sue…

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